Waterfall Two Color Sibolangit

telaga-biruSibolangit has many natural tourist potential, one of the most visited tourist attractions is the Waterfall Two Colors, known as Blue Lake Sibolangit, located in the village of Durin Sirugun.

These attractions may seem unique. From the name alone people call Waterfall Two Colors for the waterfall that fell from the upper river will be collected into a small lake and this is where the water has two colors: light blue and grayish-white. The waterfall is sourced from Mount Sibayak forming a flowing stream of sulfur which is then united with the infiltration of water into the forests so cold watery blue. Uniquely, the waterfall does not remove sulfur smell but never drank the water.

In addition, the presence of waterfalls is also hidden in the tropical rain forest in the middle of the woods Sibayak I and Sibayak II with a height of 1475 meters above sea level. In this area there are 4 waterfalls, waterfalls namely, 2 main and 2 small waterfall. The main high waterfall about 50 meters and the second waterfall about 20 meters.

While watching the natural charm, visitors can eat food that has been provided when they want to visit. We can swim in the lake while enjoying the fresh water and the cool air around the lake.

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