Art is The Focus of Balinese Culture

kebudayaan-baliArt in Balinese society is a complex element that seemed very popular with their peoples, so that it looks as if dominating the entire life of the Balinese. On the basis of its function that way, art is the focus of Balinese culture.
Bali is very rich in the arts. All branches of the arts grow and thrive in the life of the Balinese people, including fine arts, performing arts and literary arts.

Fine art includes one branch of art which consists of sculpture, painting and decorative arts. Sculpture on the people of Bali have experienced a long development, namely (1) statues patterned megalithic derived from pre-Hindu era and is seen as a liaison man with the ancestors and the forces of nature, (2) statues of the gods, as the media humans with the gods and Hindu influences of this type is a Buddhist, (3) sculpture themed figures from the Ramayana and Mahabharata stories, (4) other forms of reliefs carved on the walls of the house door and the pillar of the house, (5) statues naturalist.
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Batu Karas – Beauty Other South Coast

batukarasWhen nature shows a friendly attitude, whatever looks good and feels good. Likewise you’ll experience at Batu Karas, a tourist attraction that is often visited by surfers.

As a paradise for surfers, Batu Karas is a mixture of beach Pantai Batu Hiu and Pangandaran, West Java. The beach is suitable for swimming and surfing, because Batu Karas not only offers calm waters, but also a challenging wave.

Some people who have visited do not hesitate to call as Bali Batu Karas small. Located about 40 kilometers or one hour drive from Pangandaran, a beautiful black sand beach is the perfect vacation spot because the atmosphere is quiet compared to Pangandaran.
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Spring Waterfall Gile, Beauty in Rinjani

sendang-gileAt the foot of Mount Rinjani, precisely in the Village Senaru, Spring Waterfall Gile is already attracting thousands of visitors each year. Located at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, this waterfall offers a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

For tourists who get bored with the frenzied city, it’s good to stop in this tourist sites. The touch of nature that are categorized as far from urban shades, beautiful and captivating panoramic views, as well as the fresh air, able to bring you to the world that can eliminate fatigue in the head.

Location waterfall located in the area of ?Rinjani is called Spring Gile, because according to the story, local residents accidentally discovered this waterfall when the screwed crazy lion hunt in a village and then ran into the forest.
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Enchantment of Raja Ampat, Papua

raja-ampatIndonesia has many natural beauty that is very alluring, captivating natural charm that still maintained its authenticity until now one of them is Raja Ampat, islands in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the West, precisely at the head of birds of Papua. Raja Ampat attractions save a million seabed natural scenic beauty and is home to the largest coral reef in the world.

Raja Ampat region has 610 islands. Four major islands among the island Misool, Salawati Island, Island Batanta, and Waigeo Island, From the 610 islands, only 35 islands are inhabited and the rest even many who do not have names.
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Park Way Kambas – Looking at Habitat Original Elephant Attractions

way-kambasElephants are very large animals
Small eyes, long nose
His legs were big, big ears ……

That piece of poetry about the largest mammals living in the area of Way Kambas, Sumatra. Way Kambas elephant training center is the first in Indonesia.

Initially the largest mammal on the island of Sumatra is considered a pest by local farmers, but once captured and trained, these big animals into useful animal, not infrequently even very helpful in doing a job that requires energy.
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Koka Beaches – Exotic Beaches in Plain Flores

pantai-kokaWhite sand, the atmosphere is calm, clean sea, blue and clear, was the most in the desire by anyone at sea back to the beauty of the hills adorn our views.

Koka Beach is one of the many beaches have beautiful scenery and famous since long, located south of the coastal area of ??Sikka District, Flores, 48 ??miles from the town of Maumere.

Coastal beaches have white sand is dealing directly with barren hills nan ferocious front. The hills that stands firmly as if it helped add to the beauty of natural scenery.
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Underwater Beauty Menjangan

menjanganFor those of you who like diving, Menjangan Island, north of West Bali National Park could become a tourist destination. In this island there is so much beauty to be enjoyed underwater.

Menjangan Island is part of Source Klampok Village, sub Gerokgak which is about 76 kilometers west of Singaraja. To reach this island, travelers should ride a motor boat about 30 minutes from Labuhan Lalang.
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Sangeh, Bali – From Mystery To Nutmeg Forest Beauty

sangehSangeh Nature Park, perhaps not yet widely known by the people of Indonesia, whereas Sangeh situated on an island in Indonesia, namely Bali famous. Sangeh Nature Park is located in the village of Sangeh, Badung, Bali, about 20 km from Denpasar.

Sangeh Nature Park has a lot of charm forest tour is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Sangeh Apes also have several groups that each group has one leader. But these groups have the highest levels or practically king of all kings in Sangeh apes. This supreme leader dwelt the most extensive. In the monkey king is living, there is a very famous temple of his sanctity that is the Pura Bulit Sari.
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Batam – Golf Beautiful Places

batam1Batam Island golf tourist sites there are 6, four of which exist in Nongsa, the Palm Springs, Nugra Santana, Tering Bay, and Belle Puri. One in Southlinks, Tiban, and one in Paradise, Cape kitbag. Everything is of international standard with a minimum of 18 holes. Each golf possess vast region at least 200 hectares. For example, Palm Springs reached 274 hectares with 27 holes and South links area of 2l3 acres with 18 holes.

Golf courses in Nongsa (outside the city of Batam) have their own charm. In addition to an extensive grass and green trees filled in around him, the contours of the land was hilly. In addition there is a small island, and artificial bunker. 1.5 meter wide road buggy easily bypassed (small vehicle to transport golfers and golf equipment).
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Place Batam Tourism Object

batamAs one of the tourism potentials of Indonesia, Batam is a potential for the visit by local or foreign tourists. Why? The geographic location of Batam, which borders the country of Singapore, Batam tour continues to make the world clean up in order to attract tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Batam City is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. There are three main places (in the form of the island) that was so popular from Batam are Batam, Rempang, and Galang islands. Batam is very strategic because it was in international shipping lanes. Distance in Batam is very close to Singapore and Malaysia, Batam Tour likely will be growing rapidly.
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