Grotto Beautiful – Beautiful Caves in Payakumbuh

ngalau-indahNgalau Indah is a cave area on the slopes of Mount Simarajo, Payakumbuh, the contours are very unique, beautiful terraces and rocky. Paddy field and lush landscape of green hills that begin exfoliated, which gradually robs the natural beauty would be created for hundreds of years.

Coolness and damp air is refreshing can we feel in our Ngalau Indah Cave. Path through these caves leads out to the top of the mountain. Trip to the slopes of the hill itself is quite difficult, but worth the effort we spend, because it will be greeted by the beautiful scenery along the road.

Ngalau Indah is a tourist area is more challenging and interesting enough to be seen. A cave located in the hilly areas in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra. Inside are stalagmites and stalactites rock formed from limestone deposition process that lasted hundreds of years.

Ngalau Indah stalactite  which resembles a giant mouth agape with rows of sharp teeth which partially chipped. Rock stalactite and stalagmite in the cave Ngalau Indah is named by the locals, among them called the Stone of Tear Drops, stalk Stone Umbrella, Mosquito nets Stone, Stone Curtain Bride, and Mother Crying Stone.

The specialty of this place are the hills around the cave, tourists can see the panoramic Payakumbuh city that lay in plain sight. The combination of urban buildings, trees and vast expanses of green fields is unity Payakumbuh luster.

High walls Ngalau Indah is formed from molten limestone that lasted for hundreds of years to create artistic shapes.

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