Enchantment Dusk In Kaimana

Kaiman, is famous for its natural panorama is truly amazing and is one of the mainstay attractions in this region. When there is no one who wrote in a song “Dusk In Kaimana ‘, to describe how beautiful the nature of God.
In Kaimana there is also a tourist attraction named Triton Bay sea that has the beauty of the underwater world that is amazing. The bay is rich with coral reefs are still well kept and a variety of fish species, like dolphins to whales.
For fans of diving and snorkeling, this place is a tourist area of interest, because the reefs in Triton Bay is famous for its soft coral.
In August the beauty of dusk Kaimana usually very fantastic, the sky Kaimana will be colored red. Interestingly, the shape of the sky will always be fickle and not stuck on one shape and color only.
Do not just stop there, there are still other places in Kaimana attractions that can make such admiration at the Mai-mai settlements, there are paintings on limestone cliffs as high as tens of meters. Red lines are etched on the walls of the patterned humans, plants, reptiles, fish and various forms of the mystery, because the painting is like to tell you about the behavior of the ancient indigenous people and depict a variety of animals at the time. And until now there is no one knows exactly when and who made ??the paintings on the wall that stands in some small island Triton Bay area.
Triton Bay is not only interesting as a marine tourism, cultural tourism but also a mix of local and foreign cultures. Many stories and legends to be had in this area, including the legend of the sinking of China during the Ming Dynasty. British ships are also rumored to have drowned in this territory.

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