Telaga Sarawandori – Like a beautiful pearl in Papua

Sarawandori lake, a beautiful pearl that lies 30 km from the city Serui, Waropen Japen District, Papua. Indonesia’s extraordinary natural wealth. You will never imagine what kind of beauty you can expect when enjoying the lake was so clear and fascinating as Sarawandori Lake. Blue lake with a beautiful panoramic view is situated in the [...]

The benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts around the world have become a popular option for people traveling mostly because of the excellent, personalized attention. The benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast far outweigh those of a hotel. Atmosphere Every bed and breakfast is unique. They reflect the nationalities, customs, hobbies and interests of their owners. It [...]

Indian Tourism and Visit India 2009

Indian Tourism Industry In a land so diverse and rich in heritage, tours are simply marvelous. The people of India are a manifestation of India’s richness, glories, culture, traditions and customs. Each region has its own uniqueness that is distinguishable from the other. The india-2crown of Himalayas rests on India’s forehead and the Arabian Sea [...]